world youth festival russia in 2024
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World Youth Festival Russia in 2024 | Fully Funded

This unique event provides an exceptional platform for kindred spirits to unite, exchange their thoughts, and form fresh bonds with individuals from the four corners of the Earth. The festival’s core mission is to cultivate enduring connections among dynamic young minds, collectively forging a shared future. World Youth Festival Russia in 2024.

The generously funded World Youth Festival in Russia aspires to contribute to the establishment of an equitable and poly centric world. It emphasizes the values of cooperation and strives to strike a harmonious balance of interests on a global scale.

The Russian festival has a central mission of promoting cultural exchange. Attendees will also be introduced to the vast array of opportunities within Russia’s boundaries.

Furthermore, it provides the youth with a platform to delve into the resolutions of myriad issues pertinent to youth development. All of these endeavors collectively contribute to the pursuit of a just and democratic global order. The Russian initiative, at its core, aims to cultivate and enhance your leadership skills, thereby enriching your participation in various activities throughout the festival program.

Objectives and Overview

The festival functions as a platform, enabling the youthful intellect to intertwine, communicate, and uncover shared values, all the while honing their art of engaging with courtesy within the myriad of social and business environments.

Event NameThe 2024 World Youth Festival in Russia
Host NationRussia
VenueSirius Federal Territory, Sochi
Event DurationIt will take place from March 1, 2024, to March 7, 2024
Participating CountriesOver 180 nations
Event LocationsThe festival will be hosted in 26 cities throughout Russia.
world youth festival russia

Program Highlights:

Educational Programs: These encompass erudite panel discussions, round table conferences, scholarly lectures delivered by experts, interactive networking sessions, and hands-on workshops.

Sports Programs

Attendees will be privy to enthralling spectacles, engage in group fitness sessions, and participate in spirited competitions.

Cultural Programs

This category encompasses an array of experiences, including enlightening guided tours, art exhibitions that transport you to different realms, captivating live performances, cultural exhibitions that showcase the essence of cultures, and immersive lessons in the eloquent Russian language.

Participant Profile:

The festival is poised to welcome a diverse assembly, comprising 10,000 Russians and 10,000 foreigners. It serves as a remarkable platform, fostering the inception of fruitful dialogues and the cultivation of mutual understanding, irrespective of one’s nationality, political inclinations, or the constraints of diverse cultures.

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The festival extends a plethora of benefits, encompassing sustenance that caters to the palate, accommodations that ensure comfort. Some exemption from government levies, comprehensive logistical support for international attendees, and a convenient local transportation network.

Eligibility Criteria:

Prospective participants should be within the age bracket of 18 to 35. This opportunity extends to both scholars and burgeoning professionals. Aspiring attendees should boast expertise or specialize in fields. Some fields are entrepreneurship, scientific pursuits, cultural endeavors, sports, the realm of mass media, charitable activities, or volunteering ventures.

Application Procedure:

Aspiring participants are mandated to submit their applications through the official website of the World Youth Festival. Registration is a requisite, and applicants should diligently furnish the requisite details.


The submission deadline for applications is December 1, 2023.

This event presents an extraordinary opportunity for young minds to converge, exchange their wealth of experiences, and collaboratively labor toward the realization of a more harmonious and just global order.

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