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TechGirls Exchange Program in the USA 2024 | Fully Funded

The Tech Girls Exchange Program 2024 in the USA presents a commendable opportunity for women aspiring to advance their careers in science and technology on the global stage. This international summer exchange initiative actively seeks to empower and inspire young women from across the globe. In a time when the world has been shaken by numerous crises, this program shines as a beacon of hope for international students.Techgirls exchange program usa.

We encourage brilliant students to seize this fully-funded leadership program, aligning with the USA’s central mission to attract and engage them in a wide range of academic activities and initiatives that foster collaboration and financial stability on the global stage. Furthermore, as the leading country in technology and innovation, the USA actively nurtures research scholars through its development programs.

In 2024, the Tech Girls cultural exchange program will actively empower 111 young women from 37 countries, who will be joined by more than 13 peers from the United States, embarking on an immersive four-week journey across the U.S. This experience is complemented by seven months of mentoring, building upon our legacy since 2012, during which Tech Girls has uplifted 653 young girls worldwide.

Tech Girls will participate

Tech Girls will participate in interactive technology and computer camps, followed by travel to specific countries where they will engage in job shadowing at tech companies. They will also have home stay and community service opportunities. The impact of this program is multiplied, as participants will be involved in community-based projects under the guidance of excellent mentors for seven months upon returning to their home countries.

This exchange program is designed to drive effective change among women by endorsing young women to build a network of forward-thinking individuals. In this manner, talented women can adapt to the competitive demands of the global landscape.

The program is committed to generating the most effective solutions by promptly addressing problems and concerns. Our staff is consistently available to offer career guidance and assist in acclimating to cultural changes. Furthermore, participants have access to healthcare services overseen by CPR-certified personnel.

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Halal or Haram dietary rules

The Tech Girls program upholds the freedom of religious practice for individuals of all faiths. Students with concerns regarding Halal or Haram dietary rules receive meals tailored to their specific requirements, with arrangements made for halal buffets at suitable restaurants when possible.

This program empowers the younger generation with practical and social skills, enriching the global female workforce for a lifetime.

Tech Girls Leadership Program in the USA 2024

Host CountryUnited States
Host OrganizationU.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational
Duration7 months, including 24 days in the United States
No. of Participants111
Techgirls exchange program usa

Advantages of the Tech Girls Exchange Program 2024:

The summer exchange program offers the following advantages:

  • Coverage of the visa fee.
  • Funding for international airfare from the participant’s home country to the United States.
  • Provision of an allowance for accommodation (including double-occupancy dormitory lodgings).
  • The allocation of three daily meals.
  • Availability of local transportation services.
  • The opportunity to engage in cultural events hosted by Legacy International.
  • Provision of emergency medical insurance.

Qualification Prerequisites for Tech Girls Exchange Program 2024

To be deemed eligible for participation in the Tech Girls Exchange Program 2024, aspiring candidates are expected to meet the following criteria:

  • nation for technology, engineering, or mathematics throughout the tenure of their academic pursuits.
  • The candidates must hold an earnest aspiration to pursue advanced education and carve out their professional trajectory.
  • Demonstrating proficiency in the English language is a crucial prerequisite.
  • The aspirants are required to manifest a disposition characterized by maturity.
  • The candidates should prepare themselves for an extended study period, encompassing at least one supplementary semester upon repatriation to their native land.
  • A mandatory commitment to contribute to a community service endeavor in their home country upon program completion is expected.
  • Candidates devoid of any prior exposure to the United States or those who have refrained from visiting the nation in the preceding triennial cycle are afforded preference.

Fully-Funded Ph.D. Opportunity in Computer and Cyber Sciences

Eligible Countries for 2024 Tech Girls

How to Submit Your Application for the 2024 USA International Exchange Program?

  • Initiate the application process by registering through the official Tech Girls 2024 website.
  • Applicants are required to access their accounts to complete the application.
  • It is essential for candidates to assemble all the pertinent documents before initiating the application process.

Mandatory Documentation:

  • A photograph
  • The most recent school transcript.
  • Eight essay questions must be completed.
  • Passport number (if applicable).

Tech Girls Exchange Program Application Deadline:

The 2024 Tech Girls application period commences in October 2023 and concludes in December 2023.

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