Skardu Development Authority notice for shortlisted candidates
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Skardu Development Authority notice for shortlisted candidates

Skardu Development Authority SDA Latest Jobs 2024 has been announced and SDA also announced the shortlist for the said jobs. While the aspirants were thrilled after hearing this latest announcement, they immediately started speculating about knowing what will happen next in this selection process. We wish to quell those fears through this definitive guide and answer detailed information to assist you in understanding the SDA shortlisting notice.


The Skardu Development Authority is a major public organization in Pakistan which has been working hard to develop and promote tourism in the region. The SDA is in charge of some of urban planning, city infrastructure and is also responsible for the implementation of sustainable measures. With such large importance placed on the role of the authority, gaining a position in the SDA has become a highly sought after prospect, and the announcement of the shortlist names would set the cat among the pigeons for applicants.

Summary of Shortlist Notification

Date of Notice

The notice of the shortlist has been posted on the Careears page of the SDA, however the date of announcement has not been mentioned. Using everything that can be found, we figured the publication date was likely April 18, 2024。 A useful date for understanding the sequence of events in the process of selection.

Positions Covered

Most of the notice deals with jobs in the BPS 01 to BPS 04 salary scales of the Pakistani civil service. These positions are typically clerks, assistants and other support staff positions that are indispensable for the running of the SDA. Information is not available for the shortlist for positions above BPS 4 e.g higher Administration and Management Positions.

Corrigendum BPS 11 to 15

Shortlisting Process Explained

What is a Shortlist?

A shortlist is a list of candidates whom the employer feels are appropriate for the next stage of recruitment based on the applicant’s application. Shortlisting means that the applicant met or exceeded the initial criteria set by the SDA and will advance to the next stage of the selection process, which may contain interviews, tests or any other short-listing tool.

Importance of the Shortlist

Here is a shortlist during the recruiting process in recruitment:

Shortlisting: It screens the top-rated individuals among a list of applicants.

Efficient: It focuses resources on screening first the highest probable candidates, thus simplifies the selection.

Transparent: They offer clarity and transperancy within their recruitment process, ensuring that every candidate is informed of their current status.

After Being Shortlisted, Whats Next?

After you have determined that you are on that short list, place a finger on the fifth (next) step you will need to go through. These steps usually consist of assessments overtime to decide which candidate is more suited for the job position.

Detailed Selection Process

Interview Invitations: We expect to invite shortlisted candidates to interview. All details of the interviews with date, time and place will be informed via official sources.

Preparation: The most important thing is to prepare well for these interviews. Learn about the system development actor (SDA), know what he does, and be able to illustrate transparently what you bring along as skill and experience that matches the position you apply for.

Assessment Tests: According the the role, candidates might have to do several assessments such as written tests, practical evaluations or psychometric tests.

Make sure you have the right study materials and understand the format and content of the tests

Document Verification: Candidates are required to submit original documents for verification. These are usually things such as S degree certificates, professional certificates, proof of identity etc.

Maintain your Documents: Make sure your documents are in order and ready to submit so that you do not have to run around at the eleventh hour.

Background Checks: Background checks The SDA is under a duty to carry out background checks in order to verify that the information you provide in your application is true and to identify whether you meet the integrity and ethical standards relevant to the role.

Truth: You have submitted an application that discusses your qualifications in a truthful and verifiable way.

Final Selection: Once the above process is done, the SDA will make the final selection of the candidates who have appeared for an interview, assessments and based on the appointments suitable candidate.

Notification: Selected candidate will be notified after selection, other will get a return letter.

Interview Notice From BPS 01 to BPS 04

I have applied for a position above BPS 4. Are there shortlist notice for these positions?

Q: Is there any shortlist notice issued for the posts above BPS 4? For more information about these roles, we urge you to contact the SDA direct.

A: The original shortlist notice is nowhere to be found. What was in it?

A: The original notice in shortlist is not sharing, it could be ways forward about the selection from the shortlisted candidates from BPS 01- BPS 04 position.

Q-: Will the individual receiving the shortlist contacted?

Asked: No response to this To clarify whether the shortlisted candidates will receive individual notifications or updates will be displayed on the SDA Careers page, it is best to directly contact the SDA.

Q: What if I do not receive a response from the SDA?

A: Be patient, the recruitment process may take a while. If you have not heard anything in more than it is suggested to call SDA back and ask them about the status of your application.

According to the Skardu Development Authority

People can only go to the source, SDA, for more accurate and latest information. Read the specifics you need here:

  1. Phone: 05815-920160
  2. Hours: Monday-Friday (9:00am — 6:00pm PKT)
  3. When messaging the SDA, please reference these.beans
  4. The exact job title or BPS band you applied to Any application reference number, if relevant.
  5. Kindly ask them to tell you what happens next.

Track SDA Careers Page

Another important thing to staying up to date with the whole recruitment process is to check the SDA Careers page couple times in a year. The SDA is also authorized to upload any updated notifications or more details about the selection process. If you wanna want to visit the Careers page, here is the link:

Off-Label and Caveats

Official information is always the most reliable source, but other data or news articles, as well as social networks, can offer interesting insights. Be wary of source, but:

Always make sure the source is trustworthy

Verify information is from official SDA updates.

Do not act on non-official information unless the SDA has confirmed it.

Interview and Testing prep

Establishing preparedness for the advanced portion of the selection process is of utmost importance. Read on for strategies to study properly and prepare for the SAT:

You can call the Skardu Development Authority to get more info.

Focus your energy on the company you are applying for. Look at the SDA mission, vision, projects, and latest events. You can refer to this and craft your responses in interviews in line with what the organization stands for.

Review Job Descriptions

Step 2: Read the job description of the role you are applying to Learn the primary duties and requirements, and be ready to chat about how your skillsets and experience align with them.

Common Interview Questions to Practice

Every interview is a little different, but some interview questions are pretty much guaranteed! Examples Create responses such as: Mansion House 200910DDER — examples of response to questions

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. What interests you in the SDA?
  3. What Do You Do Well / Poorly?

Mock Interviews

Practice mock interviews with friends or mentors to prepare for the interview process. This will not only hone your confidence but also fine-tune your answers.

Study for Assessments

Study materials are provided if your position or role includes assessment tests. Answer practice questions regularly and understand how the test is formatted.

Organizing Your Documents

Your paperwork has to be in order to pass the check. Prepare a list of the necessary documents you need and make sure that you carry both the original and the copy of the following:

  • Educational certificates
  • Professional qualifications
  • A specific ID, maybe a CNIC for identity purposes.
  • Any other supporting documents (work experience certificates etc.)

Final Words of Advice

Being recruited by Skardu Development Authority can be a bit agonising however if you practice in a deliberative way and reach out positively, you will be able to pass these exams. Well that is it for the advice for you all!

Stay Informed

Here is the link to the SDA Careers page and be in touch with the SDA for updates. THE POST PROCESSINGAN INFORMED ONE STAYS AHEAD

Be Patient

These recruitment procedures can consume our time. Take your time — stuff like this is a work in progress. Stay positive and keep your eyes on the prize.

Seek Support

If you have any questions or need support, do not hesitate to contact the SDA or ask advice from experienced peers/mentors familiar with these processes.

Stay Organized

Document every piece of application material, each document and every correspondence. Organization will certainly help ease the process.

Remain Professional

Maintaint Your Professionalbehavior Throughout The Process Professionalism is key for creating a good image, be it through your interaction with the SDA, the interviews you attend, or the assessments you participate in.


If you submit your documents through proper way and your application is shortlisted you have already made a long way to be part of the Skardu Development Authority. The goal of this ultimate guide is to equip you with the knowledge and tools to help you be more competitive during the shortlisting process. Prepare yourself, stay updated, and walk with confidence every time you take the next step, to significantly increase your chances.

Good luck in your application process & we hope this guide is useful to help you reach your career goals with Skardu Development Authority. Because preparation and perseverance are the key to success, and proactive approach. Good luck!

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