Singapore International Graduate Award 2024
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Fully Funded Singapore International Graduate Award 2024 | SINGA

The Singapore International Graduate Award 2024 emerges as a distinguished, merit-based opportunity, beckoning extraordinary international scholars distinguished by their remarkable academic achievements. The SINGA 2024 program serves as a captivating magnet, attracting the world’s most exceptional intellects, extending a cordial invitation to embark upon their doctoral endeavors within the premier academic institutions of Singapore. This fully-endowed international scholarship extends its welcoming arms to all graduates, bestowing upon them the honor of pursuing a Ph.D. in the domains of science and technology, all within the academic vanguard of one of the globe’s most scholastically advanced nations

Eligibility Criteria

  • Soft copies of the required documents should be uploaded to the online application.
  • Applicants utilizing the SINGA portal need not make separate applications on university portals.
  • It is advisable to submit your application at least a fortnight before the deadline since once your application is submitted, your referees will receive an email and have a seven-day window to complete and dispatch the reference letters.
  • Candidates are required to expound upon their research proposals within the application forms.
  • Each candidate has the option to submit more than one, up to a maximum of three, research proposals.
  • There is no necessity to initiate contact with a supervisor when applying for SINGA.
  • Candidates are free to apply in any field of interest for a Ph.D., with no obligation to align with their undergraduate major.

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How to apply for the Singapore International Graduate Award in 2024

  • Candidates must submit all the necessary documents online.
  • Candidates should select the research projects by exploring the projects in the “Go to Research Areas” section.
  • Referees must directly send the reference letters to SINGA.
  • The application process will commence once SINGA receives at least two reference letters.
Singapore International Graduate Award 2024

Exploring the Advantages of the SINGA Award in 2024

  • SINGA comprehensively covers the entire spectrum of tuition fees for the honored recipients.
  • The awardees shall enjoy a monthly stipend amounting to S$ 2,200.
  • Subsequent to achieving qualification in the inaugural examination, the monthly stipend will experience an augmentation to the sum of S$ 2,700.
  • A singular airfare grant of up to S$ 1,500 shall be bestowed upon the awardee.
  • Recipients shall receive a one-time settlement grant totaling S$ 1,000.
  • Additionally, an assimilation facilitation allowance, to the tune of S$ 1,000, is earmarked for provision to the beneficiaries.

Table to understand

Host NationSingapore
Host Research LabsSTAR Research Institutes, NTU, NUS, or SUTD
Provided ByThe scholarship is provided by the Agency for Science, Technology, Research, Singapore
Educational LevelDoctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
Duration of CourseA span of 4 years.
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Mandatory Papers for Singapore International Graduate Award

  • A duplicate of a valid passport.
  • An up-to-date passport-sized image in either JPG or PNG format.
  • Translation of all educational transcripts into English.
  • Two endorsement letters shall be dispatched online by the referees.
  • An English language proficiency certificate (if mandated by the university).

Application Cutoff Date

The final date for submission of applications for the SINGA research scholarship in Singapore is December 1, 2023.

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