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SCO is the principal telecommunication provider in Gilgit-Baltistan and responsible to provide communication services while keeping the service reliable. The organization gives opportunities to work in telecommunications, customer service, and administration in the Information technology space.

Key Highlights:

All Kinds of Jobs: SCO provides posts for network engineers, IT professionals, customer service operatives, field sales executives, and administration staff, perfect job for almost anyone with varying skill sets.

  • State of the art Telecom infrastructure that play a significant role in the continued improvement and expansion of Gilgit-Baltistan`s communication networks
  • Addressing the community’s needs: By providing these communication services, you are helping to meet the basic requirements for connectivity, local economy and emergency response, while partnering with SCO.
  • Stable Employment (as a government-affiliated organization, SCO has the added benefit of paying competitive salaries and providing government-level benefits)
  • Scio Professional Environment: It is a professional and challenging work environment that enables innovativeness, teamwork and continuous learning.


  • Medical Insurance: Mediclaim for employees and family.
  • Pension plans – Secure pension plans to ensure financial security after retirement
  • Leave: Liberal leave entitlements, sick leave, and other leave provisions.
  • Career Development: Avenues of advancement via training programs, workshops, and certifications.

Work Opportunities:

Network Engineers — Ensure telecommunications networks operate properly via design, deployment, and maintenance efforts.

  • IT Specialists — Develop and troubleshoot IT infrastructure, systems, and software applications.
  • Customer Service Rep: Handle customer inquiries, complaints, and service requests.
  • Role: Sales Executives Scope: Promote SCO services, generate leads and close new business, manage relationships with clients.
  • Business Support: Areas include payroll, human resources, accounting, bookkeeping, purchasing, and procurement.

SCO Gilgit-Baltistan become a member of SCO is part of a dynamic winning team which is serving the region with essential communication services. It provides an exciting career opportunity for growth in a demanding but rewarding environment within the telecom industry.

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