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Just like other provinces, the Responsibility Centre (RC)- his is what the Department is named as; Planning & Procurement Department is crucial government organ for the robust and systematic planning, development, and procurement processes within the region. For job seekers, the department offers a variety of careers to help people shape and sustain the development and management of the resources of Gilgit-Baltistan.

Key Highlights:

  • Strategic Roles: offering positions in planning, project management, procurement and administrative support, the department offers opportunities for a wide range of roles to build a career
  • The professional growthEmployees are offered continuous development training, workshops, and seminars designed to enhance strategic planning and procurement skills.
  • Public Impact: Your work could directly affect the 100 strategic and conceptual development projects and procurement strategies being used to drive the ARC’s regional growth and infrastructure.
  • Permanent job: Department is a government body, so the hiring is a government recruitment, hence salary, increments, and other benefits according to the government policies.
  • Professional Atmosphere: The working atmosphere is focused on teamwork, creativity, and visionary work that will give you the opportunity to work in a collaborative, dynamic and international content.


Medical and Retirement: Medical and pension plan that is wide-ranging for the employees

Generous Leave Policies: Annual, Medical, and Maternity/Paternity leave.

Opportunity for Promotion and Career Growth: Clearly-defined, merit-based paths for advancement within and across careers.

Work Opportunities:

Strategic Development and Project Planning for regional growth as Planning Officers

  • 4) Procurement Specialists: Supervising the procurement activities to provide for transparency and economy of processes.
  • Additional Administrative Roles — crucial support for different department functions
  • Working with the Planning & Procurement Department in Gilgit-Baltistan is to take a place in a team that is focused on the requisite planning and sustainable progress for the area, to the inftra-structure and economic improvement of the area.

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