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About Company

Gilgit-Baltistan Waste Management Company (GBWMC) is the major Government-organizational body for the solid waste management and sustainability actions in the entire region. GBWMC provides a number of career opportunities for those interested in environmental conservation, waste management, and public health.

Key Highlights:

  • Roles: The company has multiple roles inclusive of waste management officers, environmental engineers, sanitation workers, administrative staff, and public outreach coordinators.
  • Training program, workshop and seminar in waste management, environment, public health awareness for skills development.
  • Community Service: Trained as a member of the GBWMC, you are of significant service by safeguarding public health and promoting sustainable development.
  • Stability: As a public sector agency, GBWMC offers job security along with compensation packages and benefits commensurate with those found in the public sector.
  • Culture:The company nurtures a team based culture, thereby fostering a supportive work environment, motivation for innovation and teamwork and also to strive for continuous improvement.


  • Health Insurance: Complete hospitalization coverage for employees as well as for family members.
  • Pension Plans – People Nowadays Miss A Lot To Ensure Their Stability After Retirement, So We Have There Secure Pension Schemes.
  • Annual leaves, Medical leaves and Special leaves (apart from Duty Leaves as per Employee Policy)
  • Development: Strong career paths for advancement and movement up the career ladder by actually doing a great job and being just a great addition to the team.

Work Opportunities:

Solid Waste Manager: Manage the daily functions of citywide solid waste collection and disposal, including recycling and related programs at various locations; Solid Waste Collection and Disposal Services Manager: Manage the day-to-day collection and disposal of the solid waste for city residents; Manage the day-to-day operation of the Solid Waste collection and disposal for city of St. Charles as detailed and required in the contract; Work directly with Sanitation Contract Administrator to oversee contract operations with the city’s contracted solid waste disposal.

Utilities and Streets Manager: Coordinate the daily operations of the city’s solid waste collection and disposal with the contractor; coordination of all solid waste collection and disposal, organized and bulk waste collections and facility operations; assist with the city’s recycling efforts;

Implement citywide recycling and solid waste collection and disposal program:

Recycle containers, public places you want to be opened, material separation and marketing; Organize and oversee city’s Ready Recycle drop-off recycling program; Respond to complaints related to solid waste collection and disposal; St. Jimmie recycling – Must be able to assist with daily curbside solid waste collection and disposal activities; Assist with recycled material sale; Assist in maintaining and operating the city’s recycling program, including lightly used electronics, books, household batteries, etc.

  • Environmental Engineers: Plan and design systems for pollution control and liquid, solid and gaseous waste treatment.
  • Sanitation Workers — Responsible for collection of waste and during work keeping the surroundings garbage free.
  • Administrative Staff: Perform a variety of operational services such as Planning, Finance and Human resources support.
  • Public Outreach Coordinators: Create and implement programs to teach the general public on waste reduction, recycling, and environmental conservation.

Being part of Gilgit-Baltistan Waste Managment Company translates to joining hands with a committed group who are striving to improve the environmental quality and public health of the area. It is a fulfilling career with an immense opportunity for certification of huge difference in the society as well as in the environment.

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