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The Gilgit-Baltistan Police is the law enforcement agency for maintaining Public order of the Gilgit-Baltistan Area (GBA), Preventing and investigating crime, and ensuring rule of law in the GBA. Gilgit-Baltistan Police could be the place you have been looking for all along; as an employer we are committed to providing an interesting and motivational environment for employees to ensure they grow and develop.

Key Highlights:

  • Morphing Jobs: Jobs with a uniform are not limited to only being a patrol officer, there are detectives and administrative staff too, in addition to other specialized unites such as counter-terrorism, traffic management, and community policing.
  • Training and Development: After completing police academies, recruits are put through months of intensive training in the areas of physical fitness, the law, investigation, and community relations.
  • Public Service- Serve the community with responsibility and dignity and the forces to ensure justice and defend peace with Gilgit-Baltistan Police
  • If you join the police force, you enjoy job security as it is a government entity; your salary is on par with the government, and you get benefits.

Disciplined Environment: The police force instils discipline and a professional workplace, where integrity, teamwork and the rule of law are given high emphasis;


  • Medical Insurance: All Officers and their dependent families are covered by a comprehensive health Insurance Plan.
  • Retirement Pension Plans: Protection of financially independent pension retirement schemes after retirement.
  • Leave: We have a liberal leave policy but you can always tipple some medical and special leaves in it as well.
  • Career Advancement — Specific programs in place that establish transparent, performance and experience-based pathways for promotions and career development.

Work Opportunities:

  • Patrol Officers — Keep the peace, respond to calls for service, and go out on routine patrol.
  • Detectives: Solve crimes, piece together clues to solve the puzzle of a case
  • Administrative Staff: Support the operational and logistical functions of the police department.
  • Special Units û Conduct specialised tasks such as counter-terrorism, traffic control, and cybercrime investigation.
  • Community Policing: Collaborate with residents to reduce crime and improve public safety with prevention, outreach, and education programs.

Becoming an officer in the Gilgit-Baltistan Police force is being named a member of a force that lays the law forward, defends citizens, and enhances the welfare of the area. It provides an enriching job that can serve a lot to the society.

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