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Department of Forest Gilgit-Baltistan is one of the Most Important Department of the Government of Gilgit-Baltistan to mange, conserve and utilize the forest resources of the area in a sustainable manner. The Department is also an employer of choice and offers a wide range of career opportunities to individuals who are interested in environmental conservation, forestry and natural resource management.

Key Highlights:

  • State Wide Roles: The department gives opportunities for a wide spread of roles- forest officers, wildlife conservationists, environmental scientists, administrative staff, field workers.
  • Training programs, workshops, and seminars —EmpLower for Employees on the active management of forests, the conservation of biodiversity, and regenerative use of resources.
  • Nature Protection: Interning with the Forest Department gives you the opportunity to help save our wild habitats, protect our wildlife, and conserve forests in the name of sustainable forestry.
  • You can be assured of job security as the department is a government agency and therefore, are strict with rules for a job stability, significant salary and benefits, equivalent to the government projects.
  • The department also cultivates a culture of collaboration -where open ideas rule — and mutual support, fostering innovation, teamwork and a dedication to conserving.


  • Health Insurance : National Insurance : Full family (+ Parents) Style)itemhc3parent;
  • Pension Schemes: Safe pension schemes to provide financial security after retirement.
  • Annual Entitlements: Generous leave entitlements around annual, medical & special leave
  • Career Development: A defined journey from being a newcomer to becoming the most senior person in the industry.

Work Opportunities:

FOREST OFFICERS FOREST OFFICERS FOREST OFFICERS – Forest officers manage the resources of the forest and running conservation programs and ensuring that the environment is conserved according to regulations in order to prevent its destruction.

  • Wildlife Conservationists-These people protect wildlife habitats, carry out research and prepare conservation strategies.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE Technologists and Technicians: Test for contaminants in the environment and work to reduce contaminants & develop conservation initiatives.
  • Field Workers: Get involved in reforesting projects, patrolling and checking forest areas, and backing conservation activities.
  • Administrative Staff: These staff members offer critical administrative support in the areas of planning, finance, human resources, and various other operational needs.

Becoming a Forest DEO in Gilgit-Baltistan means that you will be joining a team of professionals who work diligently to ensure the protection and management of forest and wildlife resources of Gilgit-Baltistan(Guidance for Preparation of NTS Test & Interview). You will have access to a career of immense creative potential, one that has an enormous potential contribution to make toward the protection of the environment and the sustainable development of the economy.

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