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Documentation Guide For International Scholarships 2023-24

Documentation For International Scholarships

When you intend to apply for scholarships abroad, it’s essential to check the required documents and learn the application process beforehand. In this post today, I will inform you about the necessary documents you should have prepared before applying for any scholarship anywhere. While not all scholarships require these documents, some do, so it’s a good practice to have them ready. Here is the Documentation Guide For International Scholarships.

Before Applying Anywhere in the World: Before applying anywhere, you must have your educational documents ready. These documents should cover all your educational achievements up to your current level of education.

Documentation Guide For International Scholarships

  • Copy of your passport
  • Educational Documents (Transcripts/Degree/Certificate)
  • Abstract of Previous Thesis or Final Year Project
  • Academic Resume
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Study Plan or Research Plan
  • Recommendation or Reference Letters
  • Language Proficiency

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Types of Scholarships for International Students:

There are various ways and types of scholarships for international students:

  • Full Funded Scholarships
  • Exchange Programs
  • Summer Internships
  • Youth Conferences (Cultural, Innovative, Creativity)

How and Where to Create These Documents and Apply for Scholarships?

  1. Passport: First and foremost, you must have a valid passport. If you don’t have one, consider applying for it as many scholarship applications require your passport number.
  2. Educational Documents: You need to have your educational documents, including certificates and transcripts, from your metric level up to your latest qualification. Many scholarships require these documents to be attested, so it’s crucial to get them attested by the relevant authorities.
    • Attest your metric and intermediate documents from your educational board, IBCC (Inter Board Committee of Chairmen), and MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
    • Attest all your university documents from HEC (Higher Education Commission) and MOFA.
  3. Abstract of Previous Thesis or Final Year Project: If you have completed a thesis or project during your education, keep a report or abstract ready.

Write a Convincing CV

  1. Academic Resume (CV): A well-crafted CV is crucial when applying for scholarships. It’s often said that the “First Impression is the Last Impression.” Your CV should include:
    • Your full name and contact number Your complete addressEducational details Work experience and internships (if any)Any publicationsShort courses
    Many people focus on creating visually appealing CVs, but what truly matters is including evidence of your achievements. Always ensure that the information on your CV is supported by relevant documents. While there are various CV formats worldwide, you can use the Europass format for an online CV.


Statement of Purpose (SOP)

  1. Statement of Purpose (SOP): You need to write an SOP explaining why you want to pursue this scholarship, why you chose this country, and your future plans. Each scholarship has different word count requirements for the SOP, so you may find guidance in scholarship application groups.
  2. Study Plan and Research Plan: This part complements the SOP, focusing on what you envision for your future in the department you’re applying to and why you’re interested in conducting research in that field. It’s typically written for Ph.D. applications, which involve research.
  3. Reference or Recommendation Letters: You can obtain these letters from your former professors who can vouch for your abilities and character. They should mention how they know you and that you were their student.
    • Get these letters printed and signed by your professors.
    • Include your professor’s email and contact information in the letter so that someone can verify it if needed.
  4. Language Proficiency: Most scholarships worldwide require language proficiency certificates. While some scholarships may accept a certificate from your school or university (where you studied in English), many others require standardized tests like IELTS. I recommend taking these tests as they not only provide you with international exposure but also enhance your scholarship application’s credibility.

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The purpose of including a photo is to show your enthusiasm for going abroad.

The purpose of including a photo is to show your enthusiasm for going abroad.

May Allah grant success to all readers.

Guide Prepared by: Minahil Nousheen

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